Robert N. Saveland Receives NCGE’s Highest Honor

Robert N. Saveland

Joseph Stoltman (left) and NCGE President Eric Fournier (right) with Robert Saveland after he received the 2012 George J Miller Award on October 6.

Dr. Robert N. Saveland was awarded the George J Miller Award at the 2012 National Conference on Geographic Education on October 6 in San Marcos, Texas. The George J Miller Award, the highest honor bestowed by the National Council for Geographic Education, is given for a distinguished record of service to geography education.

Dr. Saveland began his teaching career as a seventh- and tenth-grade geography teacher in the junior/senior high school in Kirkwood, Missouri, following World War II. Research on textbook design for his dissertation led him to the field of professional editing in the early 1950s. In 1968, he joined the University of Georgia as professor in the College of Education’s Department of Social Science Education.

Dr. Saveland served NCGE as a member of the Publications Policy Committee and as a regular participant in the annual conferences. His articles and book reviews have been published in the Journal of Geography and book chapters appeared in other NCGE publications. He is one of a select group of geographers who has been an NCGE member for more than 60 years.


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