Geography and the Olympics

From a San Antonio Express-News column by Michael O’Rourke: “As the athletes from more than 200 nations entered the Olympic Stadium in London last week, I couldn’t help but feel my knowledge of global geography was a bit lacking … Vanuatu? Tuvalu? Nauru? I was a tad embarrassed when my daughters would ask, ‘Where’s that, Daddy?’ I couldn’t get to Google fast enough.”

Read O’Rourke’s complete column, “Olympics Parade of Nations Reveals Lack of Geographic Knowledge.”


One thought on “Geography and the Olympics

  1. Reading this article made me think about my knowledge of the nations of the world and realize I know very few as well. I remember having to learn where the different countries in Europe, Asia, etc. were but even then I do not recall any that were listed in the article above. I know I simply memorized what I needed to know for the test and forgot the soon after I had written the names on the page. I think that in schools today they should concentrate more on learning about other cultures througout the world. We focus so much on our own culture and country that we are depriving ourselves of learning what else is out there, especially with the diversity we have in schools today. I think this can help students become more accepting and open minded.

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