The Geography Teacher, January 2012

The Geography TeacherArticles

  • The Freshman Nine: Helping High School Freshmen Be Successful in AP Human Geography by Jennifer Garner
  • Connecting with Rice: Carolina Lowcountry and Africa by Jerry T. Mitchell, Larianne Collins, Susan Wise, and Monti Caughman
  • Multimedia Technology and Students’ Achievement in Geography by Edmar Bernardes DaSilva and Robb Neil Kvasnak

Lesson Plans

  • Finding Geography Using Found Poetry by Ellen J. Foster
  • Thinking Like a Geographer by Margaret Shaw Chernosky

Reading Our World: Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport

  • Introduction by Elizabeth R. Hinde
  • Lesson Plan by Marty Mater


  • What is Geography? book review by Brenda Lee Whitsell
  • The European Space Agency School Atlas-Geography from Space: A Review of the Atlas, Teacher’s Handbook, and CD-ROM product review by Jay Marble

The Geography Teacher presents innovative teaching strategies and essential content for K-12 geography, AP Human Geography, introductory college geography, and pre-service methods classrooms and courses. It is published twice a year. The journal is just one of the benefits of membership in the National Council for Geographic Education. Why not renew or join today!


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